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The Adventures of Shadow and Shaquanita

Type: Play
Genre: Comedy
Written in: Notebook
Started: The outline has been done since early 2008. Haven’t gone past that.
Status: Halted

He was at the top of his class.
She has no class at all.

He is Shadow, and she is Shaquanita, and they’re the most unlikely coupling ever. Shadow is a businessman fresh out of graduate school. He’s very well qualified, but his boss seems to not trust him. In an attempt to gain his trust, Shadow must now “babysit” his boss’s high school-dropout little sister, Shaquanita, who seems to make a living off of wellfare checks and government cheese, rather than going back to school and show her 6 children a better life. Shadow finds Shaquanita obnoxious, and her children just as obnoxious and rude, but as the story progresses, they get a little closer. Shadow almost finds himself…falling in love…

The persona of Shaquanita

Shaquanita Jaquanita Quaniqua Thomas was actually a character I created in my creative writing group. The topic was “what if Santa Claus was retiring”. It was in a skit form, set in an interview. Shaquanita obviously didn’t get the job. She’s an exaggeration of the ghetto/project hoodrat chick stereotype, the girl with the fingernails, the weave, the 6 kids by 6 different baby daddies (all of whom deny them), the whole nine yards. What possessed me to create a character like Shaquanita? Not sure really. However, I decided that I wanted to continue developing her character, and I started practicing at Project 739, a defunct message board of mine. She’s definitely the more insane fictional characters I have ever made, and hey, might as well explore it further, no?