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Jora and Jericho

Type: Play
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Drama
Written in: Notebook, may transfer over to disk when finished
Started: 2004 (Yes, I know)
Status: Halted, may re-write (the notebook is still at home)

Jora van Guarde (Jora’s short for Majora), is at college, making friends, focusing on studies, and dealing with her twin brother, Rune. Jora and Rune are bi-racial, born and raised in Manhattan, and in college in Upstate NY. They have the normal sibling rivalry going on, but Rune hates Jora’s boyfriend, Gage Vasselle.

Jora’s self-image is severely distorted–her argument is that she’ll never get married or have children of her own. Due to this distorted self-image, she’s settling with Gage, who cheats on her whenever he can get away with it. Of course, Jora wants to see the good in her boyfriend, so she dismisses anyone’s accusations of Gage’s infidelity.

One morning, Rune wakes Jora up, thinking she had class that day. That wasn’t the reason why he came in. Apparently, one of Rune’s roommate’s moved out “with his boyfriend”, and to take his spot, Jericho Boulder moves in.

Here’s the deal with Jericho–11 years earlier, he and Jora were best friends. Best friends since forever. Then one day he leaves and goes to Alaska. Needless to say, Jora is hurt, and the moment she hears his name escape from Rune’s mouth, that hurt turns to bitterness, pettiness, and resentment while she says “Keep Jericho away from me.”

Now Jericho has a lot on his hands. His former best friend doesn’t want anything to do with him, he then finds out about Gage’s little game, and now he’s going to have to try and win Jora back over.

Whether or not he can do it is still up in the air.