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The War of The Seasons

Three years ago in Baltimore, my block was very quiet. The people were polite and merry. The houses were renovated every year to keep the block in style. They came in many shades of blue, green, white, and there was a black house here too. I’m not sure what that was all about. Though it snowed once in a while, enough to coat the grass in the winter, it did not snow this winter, and this summer was not like any other. This was the summer when the Winters moved on my block. The Winters were a nice family, three of them anyway. There was this one bitch though, Zelda Winters.

It all started seven o’ clock in the morning July 3rd. I thought that it was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky. Of course, I wouldn’t have known that if that stupid moving van didn’t honk its horn. I jumped out of bed frightened and the first words that came out of my mouth were “What the hell?” I was wondering what that was and looked out through the window. I saw this big van moving stuff in the house that was painted black. “Now what was this?” I thought. Then my brother, Rune, came in my room. “New neighbors! New neighbors!” he said. Not only was I upset that these new neighbors woke me up, now I’m pissed off at Rune for coming in my room so early with his stupid tradition that he’s had for five years.

Rune is my twin brother who is the only sibling that I have that I can stand to live with. A few years ago, kids made fun of him because he was skinny and geeky. I still think of him as geeky, but now the girls can’t stop calling and my mom is a little suspicious of him. I think that my mother should’ve seen this coming eighteen years ago.

“Rune Gannon Summers, what are you doing in my room?” I said, as I miserably got up out of my bed. “If you want to give the neighbors a dog biscuit, then do so, and tell them that your sister is really angry that they woke her up.”

“Adeleine, how many times am I going to tell you not to call me by that name?”

“Fine! Jackass, why are you in my room?”

For some reason, Rune hated being called “Rune Gannon Summers”. He would tell me and his friends to call him “Rune Gannon Jericho” if they had to address him formally. He says that being a Summers, as opposed to a Jericho, makes you sound like a “fag.” I don’t mind it, for I wouldn’t call him Jericho, or Summers for that matter. In my eyes, he’s a jackass. It sounded like Rune was telling me something as I looked through the window again. I saw the most beautiful thing there was. No, it was not the sunrise, but the hot guy moving in. From where I was, he was huge, he reminded me of Rune somewhat. “I just hope that he doesn’t act like him”, I thought.

“Do you hear me, Adeleine?” Rune yelled, forcing me back to reality. “I said that I’m going to legally change my last name to Jericho.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Tell someone who actually gives a shit.”

When I said that, Rune looked out the window to see what was diverting my attention. “Oh, Shadow Winters.” That’s what I heard from him. Then he left my room before I knocked him out like I’ve done many times before.