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The Sapphire Dolphin

Once there was a brave man, who lived for 100 years, 11 months, 5 weeks, and three days. He was wealthy and he had possession of a mystical pendant. The pendant was formed as a dolphin. However, this pendant was like no other. It was a precious stone–sapphire–a stone that was prestigious in its own way. This pendant had powers that no one could figure out because it was said that if a good hearted person wore it, then it would lead to prosperity across the land. Unfortunately, if someone has an evil heart, then the land will forever be cursed.

The man wore the pendant for years, and the land was prosperous and rich. Then one day, the man lost it and someone else claimed it. This person was an evil man with “devil” written all over his face. As soon as he wore the pendant, the land was cursed. The people went hungry, and eventually, the old man who wore the pendant first died miserably. Needless to say, this evil man also died a few years later.

Due to the power of the pendant, there was an unbridled fire in the land. Towns were destroyed and the sapphire dolphin was lost forever. Or so was thought. Another person found the pendant and died instantly. No one knew why this happened. But after that unexplained death of the person, the sapphire dolphin was buried under the still-cursed soil. The stone is still there in the depths of the earth, waiting for someone to uncover it.

It has to wait no longer.