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As Told By Shadow

Three years ago, I moved from Boulder, Colorado to Baltimore, Maryland. It was my mother, my younger brother, my older sister, and I. After my parents had a divorce, my mother said that we were going to move far away. Almost halfway across the country is pretty far, especially when my father and I were really close. However, my father said that he would send me money every two weeks. I agreed, and I left in a depressed mood.

However, I got over the depression. That is, when I met Adeleine. She was the sweetest girl that I would meet there. But I almost never got to know her better. It was all because of Zelda, my older sister, who tried everything in her will to keep her away.

It all started on July 3rd. That’s the day I moved here. It was seven in the morning. When we were moving some of the stuff in my house, I was stopped by Rune Summers. He was almost a carbon copy of what I look like.

“Hey, new neighbor!”, Rune said. “It’s good that y’all bought that house. Now I’ll have someone to talk to!”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Rune Summers. But for you, call me Rune Jericho.”

“All right, why?”

“It’s my mother’s maiden name. My father is a prick.”

When Rune said that, I just wanted to slap the hell out of him. But I wasn’t going to do it because he doesn’t know the Winters’ story. I laughed it off reluctantly. Then I introduced myself to him. “I’m Shadow Winters.” Then I heard my sister screaming at my little brother. I heard her say, “That’s why I’m tired of dealing with you guys! Y’all are a pain in the ass!”

“Who’s that?” Rune said. I think he was shivering a bit. I don’t know if he was cold or he was scared of my sister.
“That’s Zelda. She’s my older sister. She’s a pain in the neck.”

“And she thinks that y’all are a pain in the ass?”

“Well, yeah. But I think it’s the sex that’s giving her the pain in the ass.”

Rune laughed. In a split second, we became friends. Then he said, “I’ll be back later. I gotta wake my sister up.” I thought that the fact that he had a sister pretty much did it for me. I just didn’t know what was in store for me later that day.