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Short Stories

I started writing short stories in high school. My best memory was while I was in creative writing class. My workshop group hated me because while they did the bare minimum (the stories needed to be at least 2 pages long), I did 10 times as much. It was hard to condense them into 2-3 pages, so I let them suffer. Evil, huh?

  • As Told By Shadow
    Shadow's perspective of what happened between Zelda and Adeleine. Unless you read The War of the Seasons, prepare to be confused.
  • Impromptu Shorties
    These super-short stories were blog entries. They deserve some exposure too!
  • The Sapphire Dolphin
    What would happen if you found a pendant that held extraordinary power? Gage and Shane weren't thinking about that when they were researching the dolphin mating season. This was my first fantasy piece, complete with good, evil, and talking gnomes.
  • The War of The Seasons
    Adeleine Summers develops a very strong crush on Shadow Winters, her new next-door neighbor. However, she has one person who will pull all the stops just so they never end up together--Shadow's sister.