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Mirrored Worlds

Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Written in: Open Office and scattered its copies through Google Docs, and several disks
Started in: November 2008
Word Count: About 13,700
Previous Name: Mirror, Mirror
Status: Still in first draft, semi-active

Boulder Valley was a small and quiet town where everyone knew everyone and nothing much happened. That is, until a mysterious power that caused the whole town to become stone statuettes with crystallized eyes struck this sleepy town.

Mikhail Abbott and Ivy Garden have been friends for 15 years. They never grew apart, although Mikhail doesn’t know why Ivy puts up with his stubborn and absent-minded demeanor. When Ivy became victim of the stone spell by touching her stoneified parents, Mikhail was at a loss. He was picked up by the only other person in the town who wasn’t affected by the spell, a hermit named Ike.

Ike spent most of his time reading books and updates of the spell. He owned a book called Mirrored Worlds, which told a story of two towns that were struck with the same exact spell. Mikhail brushed it off as “crazy talk from a crazy old man”, and went home. He was greeted with a stone figure that popped out of his mirror while he was brushing his teeth. He fell into the tub, unconscious.

When he regained consciousness, he thought everything was normal, except it wasn’t–the town was bustling, and he was no longer in Boulder Valley, but in Mirrora. Now, whether or not he likes it, he has to find the source of this spell with the help of Ava and Nicolai, in order to not only save Ivy and Boulder Valley, but to save Mirrora, before he loses his immunity to the spell himself.