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Writing is a very big part of my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here you will find a few of the stuff that I have written over the years. I hope you enjoy, and also respect the author’s work and not copy.

  • Articles
    Some opinion pieces by yours truly. (Frustration, anger, and flaming may ensue--doesn't mean you should do that.)
  • Current Writing Projects
    Writing projects I'm currently working on. (May contain works that I've been working on for years.)
  • Poetry
    When I started writing in the 7th grade, the first thing I started on was poetry. Here, you will see some poems that I\'ve written through the years.
  • Prose
    Prose, prose, prose. Read some of it here.
  • Short Stories
    If you want longer pieces, then my short stories are here.
  • Works in Limbo
    Older projects that may or may not be finished.
  • WTF Moments
    This is the crazy rantings, ravings, and things that make Nat go WTF?!