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The Case of the Neighbors

Alternatively named: You know you’re old when you bitch about an age group you were in merely 10 years ago. So, we’re living in our new place, and despite having a Terrible Twoer on our hands, we have been, for the most part, peaceful. Wish I could say the same about our neighbors. Apparently, we …

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Douchebags and apologies

Fair Warning: Possibly strong language. Sorry if you’re offended, but if you’re offended by a few not-so-nice words, you need to get laid. Desperately. So I’m a little late on this train. But I actually had to think of a way to write this entry without it being fueled with anger. It didn’t work. I’m …

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Site: 1, Nat: 0.

Out of complete sheer boredom[1. And the fact that I needed a new layout], I decided to make a new design for this site as I haven’t had one in…I lost count. I went through my normal ritual of going to ColourLovers, picking out a color scheme, opening up Photoshop, then scrapping the idea. Except…this …

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