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Coming to terms

I’ve made myself scarce due to the volunteer job and because sometimes it’s just too painful to not be in a horizontal position, and even laying down can hurt too. I’ve basically come to terms with me not being 100% pain-free ever again. My lower back is basically shot; no amount of painkillers will cause …

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Higher beings help me.

It is currently now 9:30am, and Rydia is up and running (and causing trouble as usual) and I’m sitting here wishing so hard to find a comfortable position so that I can actually sit and not feel ungodly amounts of pain. I’ve touched on this before, but ever since having Rydia over 2 years ago, …

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Mt. Mommy

Rydia has gotten to the point of adventuring. She climbs on everything and ANYTHING. Including piles of laundry, beds, her crib1, and Mommy and Daddy. The problem with her climbing on Mommy, however, is that when you have a 31-pound2 kid climbing on your back which is already bruised from over 2 years of child …

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