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The World of Nama…in List Form: Part 7

I’m still alive!

It’s been a struggle to do much in the past few months. I will say that while I’m still alive, I am not okay. I won’t go too much into it but my mental health is definitely suffering, I’m burning out, and burning out makes it hard for me to want to do anything. It sucks really. I wish I could say that I will post more, but I can’t make that guarantee. I will certainly try though, because I need distractions. On to the list though!

So what has been going on since January?

  • I had to give up my gaming blog. It was past neglected even though I do play games on a regular basis. Maybe once things settle down in my head, I might revive it, but I have a Tumblr for most gaming stuff. (And by most, I mean Final Fantasy 14, which is a constant distraction)
  • I’m still at my job. I got another raise, yay. I actually got three. I still love what I do, even if it’s was never in my line of sight to actually love what I do. I want to write.
  • Speaking of writing (and generally doing anything), something that I never brought up for the past year was wrist pain. My job is repetitive, then being a writer and gamer, I use the computer a lot. So I’m a prime candidate for tendinitis of the wrist. Except…it’s not tendinitis of the wrist. I learned recently, once my fingers started falling asleep and staying asleep, that I have carpal tunnel syndrome of the moderate severity. I’m basically not allowed to carry any parts at work that are more than 5 pounds per rack (per co-workers, not per doctor yet) because my hand has given out multiple times while carrying them. Considering that some of these things are not cheap, it’s for the better. I will need surgery at one point, which means that I’m probably going to be out on disability for 2 months when it happens. The good news is, I’m a lefty, and the carpal tunnel is on my right hand. The bad news is…well…my left hand isn’t too far behind now, so I need to nip that one before it gets worse.
  • I have an 8-year-old now.
  • Said 8-year-old is going into the 3rd grade in over a week. I’m excited. She’s excited.
  • Until my mental health shapes up, I’m just taking it one step at a time. I still am trying to write Marzipan‘s story, but right now I just have way too much in my head.

I’ll be all right.

This is short, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be fine. I’m not in any danger, just need to make sense of things. If you are still a reader despite my random absences, thank you. It means a lot.

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  1. Tannie says:

    I’m still here. I don’t comment, but I’m always still here. I’m feeling pretty much the same as you. Rundown and mentally and emotionally exhausted. If you ever need someone to vent to/lean on, you know how to find me. Love you lots.

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