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Writing for the Writer’s Block-Affected: No, This Won’t Work!

Hi y’all! As I mentioned before, I am going to share with you some techniques and the like when writer’s block is beating your ass! If you want to start from the beginning, feel free to click on the link below!

Now on to the task at hand for part two! I gave you my origins, but let me say that I didn’t come out swinging. Like many writers, there were days where I would look at my paper and say “what the hell should I write?”. Or even more common, have the rough idea in your head and say “where the hell do I start?!” Then I would ask other people “how should I go about writing this stuff?!” I would take their advice and sometimes, no matter how much I tried, it just wasn’t working. Crestfallen and quite mad as hell, I would close my laptop and go to bed. Or play video games. I would basically replace the task at hand with another distraction. Sometimes, however, these distractions would cause even more ideas to pop up, and at this point nothing makes sense anymore. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying, and I hate it.

I figured out things that worked for me in terms of getting my ideas, whether rough or concrete, out of my already overflowing head and on paper. Before I get to those things, I wanna talk about the stuff that made me say “No, this won’t work!”. I should point out that these are the things that won’t work personally for me, but they may work for you. Try it out and see if it does! If it doesn’t, then you might need to tweak accordingly.

No, this won’t work!!

  • Force it: One of the things that I’ve heard time and time again as a writer is in order to stave off writer’s block, force yourself to write, regardless of what it is, how it looks, and flow. Basically if it’s shit, don’t worry about it. Now this kind of approach might have worked if I didn’t have a tendency to proofread everything after. I’ll give you a perfect example. I attempted to write a novel. The name of this novel is called Mirrored Worlds. I re-read through it and practically put a red pen through the whole thing. While I loved the concept, I actually started to hate the story. Now this is bad because I actually want to complete this novel at some point before I’m 84, but I can’t get past the whole “do not fucking try to edit!” deal. Yes, it’s considered a draft, but I have a bit of a perfectionist streak at times. So in trying to “force myself” to write, I ended up proofreading and damn near scrapping it.

    So now that I have Marzipan and that story is panning out, I have to resist going through it. Because Marzipan is my (current) love and I would kinda like to actually finish something without feeling guilty or sommat!

  • Brainstorming: This is something that I’ve always had issues with, whether it was in school or creative writing. I could be stuck at something and getting it out on paper through brainstorming was not happening. Bubble charts, flow charts, none of it works. Why doesn’t it work? Remember when I say that I have 5730478307403 ideas in my head? Now if I attempt to write all those ideas out, it becomes a muddled mess of nothing. Literally, nothing made sense. Trying to process a muddled mess of nothing only frustrated me further and caused me to go into ragequit mode.
  • Reading: Despite what people say about reading, this has never helped me in terms of writing. I would like to point out that yes, I do read, despite my short attention span for it. But it doesn’t enhance nor encourage writing when I have writer’s block. Also, being more or less a fantasy writer, my stories are reliant on my own imagination and experiences (to a degree).
  • Getting enough rest: You know the old saying about getting enough rest and exercise being good for the body and mind? Never mind the fact that I am perpetually sleep-deprived (as I’m writing this at 3am in the morning!), sometimes my brain doesn’t work on 8 hours of sleep. It definitely doesn’t work on 2 hours of sleep either, but the point here is that I need a happy medium and getting too much rest, or too little is not that happy medium that would stave off writer’s block (or the intense desire to beat something up).

But what will work?!

This is just a short list of what hasn’t worked for me. You may have a list of things that won’t work for you. The point here is that you find stuff that will work for your own personal needs, learning technique, and wants. Just remember that however you go about it, keep on writing! In the next installment, I will talk about a couple of things that has worked in keeping writer’s block at bay. I know that I said that this is supposed to be a once-a-week deal, and I’m sorry for the lateness of this post, but I am trying to be better at it. Hopefully. Stay awesome!

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