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Quality or Quantity: The Age-Old Question

When I first started blogging actively back in 2004, I blogged pretty often. It was, at the time, mainly a way to keep sane, and to keep writing. I talked about my day, talked about friends, talked about my…interesting encounters with my psychiatrists, just to name a few. Yeah, I literally talked about everything; I was the epitome of non-niche at the time. One of the things that I didn’t find until well into my blogging career was balance of quality or quantity.

Quality or Quantity? That is the question.

Blogging back then, from my point of view, wasn’t all about getting brands to like you. Hell, it wasn’t entirely about the writing at all; my blogroll was akin to a virtual fashion show of who had the best designs (most of which would have caused cease and desist letters if they were done today) and a post a day about what happened at lunch at school. I wish I could say this was an exaggeration, but in many cases it wasn’t.

Back then, it was the amount of comments that got you noticed, not necessarily the content. It was a plus if you had really good shit to give away to others, but the blog itself, for some, was secondary, not primary. A good friend of mine, Mimi was a pixeling queen. I think I still have the icon she made for me so many moons ago. She’s an example of where quality vs quantity comes in; she didn’t blog or create as much, but when she did, it was quality.

For me, I tried to keep up with the graphical Joneses and always fell short. I learned a little bit after keeping up on my last blog to exploit the hell out of my strengths, which…was always writing. And thus I did; I got rid of my “content” page, which was nothing more than crappy layout designs that would have gotten me cease and desist letters, and worked feverishly on getting my writing page up. And I did.

Skip back to a few days ago. I was answering a few questions about blogging on a Facebook group I’m in, and one of the questions that always comes up is “how often should I blog?” It’s a very valid question, indeed. I’ve even asked myself this question a few times. If you haven’t noticed, I try to blog at least twice a month. I want to make it more often, but at the same time I have to ask myself if it’d hurt my quality. I am a firm believer that if you have less, but this “less” is really good “less” then it’s perfectly fine. On the other hand, there is a possibility of this “less” not being very good. Like for example: just having a one-line post. I’m guilty of doing this in the past[1. Okay, so that was two lines…sue me].

Inversely, “more” isn’t necessarily a good thing either. Posting 5 times a day and not having anyone read it isn’t gonna do you any good. Think…balance.

quality or quantity: balance

Back when I used to post entries like this one, the last thing on my mind was “hey, this isn’t something that anyone would want to read”. Hell, I’m not gonna even lie, I cringed at how unfocused I was back then. Just think: 4 posts like this, within a space of a few days. Quality or quantity? I chose quantity.

Fast forward to these days, where I am still non-niche for the most part, but I toned down the angst, turned up the sarcasm, and narrowed down my thoughts. Then I found myself asking that question again. Once again, I had to think from a blogger who wants to make this her full-time gig and not just a therapeutic outlet for me to spew shit all the time–literally and figuratively. I also had to think from a blogger who now has a full plate and still wants room for desert. Back in 2003, I only had to worry about getting to the dining hall before 6:30 on Sundays and getting up for classes. I didn’t have a 4-year-old, a quasi-husband, a full-time job, bills…you get the idea. Not to mention time for me, because that’s still important too.

To avoid burnout, which is a real thing, I settled on trying to post something once a week, give or take. Some months, I’m off by a couple (like this month). I believe that posting for the sake of posting because I’m “due” for a new entry would cause my quality going down. Yes, my entries are somewhat longer now, but are of substance. Or at least I think and hope they are. Quality or quantity? I choose quality. But whatever you choose is up to you.

How often do you blog?

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  1. Emily Rinck says:

    D00d, why didn’t I ever see this?? I’m going to have to subscribe to your posts or something. Anyway, thanks for the compliment!! I’ve decided with my new blog that I will shoot for once or twice a week. I’m going to do quality over quantity as well. We’ll see how it goes!

    • Nat Marie says:

      Good luck! I would love to do once a week at least, but I have to figure things out before that can happen. LOL

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