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31 and Trying New Things

Trying New Things

I turned 31 last Thursday and as always, I did some reflection on what I have done. Last year, I felt like I did nothing. But, in actuality, I’ve come a very long way. I moved out of my childhood home, I had a kid, and through all the sleep deprivation and the ungodly amounts of caffeine I’ve consumed, I survived. Am I cured? No, but I’m in a better place now than I was exactly 10 years ago[1. Chronic pain notwithstanding]. I am in a constant state of finding my happy and discovering my abilities. I became not afraid to try new things[2. Unless it’s new foods, just gimme chicken, thanks].

All in all, I’m a lot stronger than I perceive myself.

With that being said, I’ve decided that I needed to go back to my roots as a writer. I was always reminded to keep writing, and for several years, barring my blog, I just couldn’t. It’s hard to write on paper these days because my hands tend to get pained more often than not (even typing can be painful), but talking about passions and finding what I love to do, this is it. Creating is my happy.

I’ve gone through some ideas in my head and dug one out and I want to share it with everyone today. I’ve always wanted to try new things when it came to writing. I’ve done short stories, I’ve tried novels, I’ve even dabbled in writing plays (I enjoy writing plays by the way). But I have never tried writing an e-book, which seems to be all the rage.

But…what would it be on? I mean, I’m not a one-niche person. I write about games, life, and blogging. Then a light bulb went over my head. Oh, hi, BLOGGING! It’s something I have a passion for, and it’s something that a lot of people are curious about. In the interest of “Operation Try New Things”, I am happy to announce…

Don't Chase the Money

What was my inspiration?

I was part of a Facebook group that initially started out as a great place for bloggers to connect, but I quickly realized that some of the bloggers there have only been blogging for a few months and was already asking how to monetize their blog. It was almost as if they were doing this not because they love to blog, but because they’re looking for a quick buck. Let’s face it; we’re all looking for a quick (legal) buck. However, as someone who has been a blogger for 12 years, and who has gotten paid to blog, it was not easy. This is from an honest…okay, almost fucking brutal point of view. Let’s just get a few things out of the way.

  1. If you feel the need to clutch your pearls and feel light-headed while reading swear words, then you might not like this e-book.
  2. If you’re looking for me to say that monetizing your blog is as easy as right-swiping a cutie on Tinder, that ain’t happening here either.
  3. However, if you are new to the game, and/or want to read something in my voice and point #1 does not steer you away, then you might like this. I’d say “love”, but that’d be pushing it as it’s my first e-book.

Oh, by the way…it’s not done yet. As I’m horrible at deadlines, and because I’ll be moving house soon, it’ll be at least May before it’s released. However, I know people like seeing progress, and there is some progress.

If you want to join me on my journey for trying new things, subscribe to me! Not only will it make me feel good, but it would also serve as motivation to keep my eye on the prize so to speak.

PS: My birthday was lax and I had cake. That is all.

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