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Valentine’s Day: Why not the other 364 days?

My thoughts about Valentine’s Day dramatically changed between now and many moons ago, when I was more cynical and bitter. Hell, I even wrote prose about it. It wasn’t until I met someone who the holiday was intended for (or so I thought) that things started to change.

Every year, I wore black. I even censored the holiday (V-***) on anything I wrote before this site. As far as I was concerned, February 14th did not exist. Okay, it did, just not for the same reasons. When I was in high school, it drove me nuts to see everyone with balloons and teddy bears and chocolate. It seemed like everyone (but me, of course) was hooked up. This day, as opposed to the other 364(5) days, I felt completely and utterly alone.

I felt alone, but in actuality, I really wasn’t.

Every year, my mom would buy us something for Valentine’s Day. It was usually a balloon and some chocolate. I would come home from school and find it on my bed. It made me smile, but at the same time it frustrated me. Why couldn’t that be from a guy?[2. This was during a time where I was confused about my sexuality. I would’ve been open to gifts of both genders]

As I got older, however, it made me think: Valentine’s Day is for someone who you love. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant other (unless you want to get laid). But what about the other 364 days? Why stop with the chocolates on February 15th? Sometimes the best gifts are on every other day. I know that the best gift I’ve gotten was on July 28th…

Valentine doesn’t mean someone you love romantically. It means someone who you can stand to be around. If it ends up being romantically, then that’s just a bonus. By this logic, I have at least two Valentines.

And for once, I’m okay with actually saying V-Day.

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