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Clutter, Clutter, Clutter: my eventual adventure

For the past few months, I’ve noticed myself get increasingly distraught by clutter. It’s not mild annoyances either; I’ve found myself cleaning after every single donut that I make at work, getting rid of any spilled fondant or sprinkles…even if there wasn’t any to begin with. Even on the games I play, the amount of crap that I have in my character’s inventory is overwhelming.

I’ll just throw this out here right now: I am a pack-rat. I feel that I can’t throw certain things away right away[1. Other than the daily trash, that is] because there must be some use to it, right? After looking through my PC’s clutter, I’ve decided that some of it has to go.

my clutter

(Yes, that was just a piece of my clutter back when I was living in New York. Most of this I left back only because I was already packing heavy when I moved to California)

Cleaning out my PC

My dorky half upgraded his computer last year to something exceedingly monstrous (he does a lot of video editing and streaming) and gave me his old rig. His old computer is pretty powerful still for what I do on it. However, because of the year it was built, the hard drive only had 250 gigs. For a typical blogger who maybe surfs the net and maybe some light photo editing for their blogs, this is more than enough. However, for me, all of this space was gone even after deleting all of the stuff that was his (after backing it up, that is!), and now I’ve resorted to using external hard drives to install games on. Not really an ideal situation.

So what I decided to do was invest in another internal hard drive. This one is 1 terabyte (about 4 times as large as the old one), and this is going to be my gaming hard drive. All of my games would exclusively go on this one. For non-gamers, you may think that these games can’t possibly be this large. Oh, but they are. Final Fantasy 14 alone is about 20 gigs. Another game I play is over 30 gigs. All of my Sims 2/3/4 expansions, custom content, and other goodies? Let’s not go there, especially since the more custom content you add, the bigger that monster is.

Once that’s done, I should have about 100 gigs on that main hard drive, and I would keep my programs on there for photo editing and the like. Everything else would go on an external. Then there are the things that are outdated. I’ve thought about keeping them around for a bit, but these things are ancient. What I might do is have them on an external drive that I don’t plan on using much because of sentimental value.

De-clutter my apartment

I did a mass purge last year before Thanksgiving. Despite this mass purge, it’s still a work in progress. We have a lot of clothes. Rydia outgrew a lot of them, so I have them in plastic bags and we’re going to get them washed and donated out. I have clothes in that batch that my mom said to keep around in case I lost weight. There is no way in hell I foresee myself losing enough weight to get into a size 12 again, so those gotta go too. Basically, if it doesn’t fit, it’s gone.

We also have a lot of appliances. Don’t ask why we keep them around, but we have a coffee maker that had nothing wrong with it, but I got a Keurig instead. I’m not sure what to do with the old coffee maker since there’s nothing wrong with it, so if anyone have any ideas, let me know!

As someone who likes to keep things, this is going to be a long process. But I did admit that I have a problem, so there’s that, right?


  1. Brandy says:

    Your room looks just like mine! You’re not the only one with attachments to material items and having difficulties with throwing things away. I just can’t find myself to do it.

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