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The World of Nama…in list form: Part 4


  • My last entry, if you even want to call it that, I promised a better one. It has been over a month since then (oops), but that’s what happens when the holidays kick your ass from pillar to post. I’m okay though.
  • Speaking of the holidays, mine was a blast. I went to New York for Thanksgiving, hence why I was quite scarce for a week. I will say that I will never take a bus there again. Luckily, Rydia was a trooper for most of it. But that is 36 hours that I will never get back. Those two showers were the best I’ve had in ages. And the food was great too. I spent Christmas with my little family back here in Michigan. I love my family, but the huge crowd was tiring in and of itself[1. And to say that the dorky half was culture shocked is a huge understatement!]. It was nice to be in a quieter situation. I worked New Years weekend, and luckily it was quiet, because after the past few months I am just pooped.
  • Speaking of poop…and pee, Rydia is finally potty-trained. Not only is she potty trained, but since she finished her last pull-up over a month ago, she hasn’t even had night accidents. I shit you not[2. No pun intended]. So what worked? Nothing. Literally, the only thing that worked was just a wait and see. She expressed her dislike for diapers, but she still used them for convenience sake. When she ran out, I did a small experiment since I couldn’t go get them right away. I noticed that for weeks she would be dry. So maybe…just maybe, she didn’t need them at night either. Sure enough, nothing. That’s an extra 20-30 bucks in my pocket! I guess it goes with her milestone patterns[3. She transitioned to milk fully a little after her first, banned the paci a little over her second birthday]; when she’s ready, she’s ready.
  • On the gaming front, I’m still playing Final Fantasy 14, and I had another stint as a game master on another game (it closed after not enough funds :() the dorky half got a PS4 for Christmas, and I’ve yet to play anything on it. Other than that not much has been going on.
  • As for my health, I have to make another appointment with my doctor and tell her that the pains are worsening and hopefully she’ll look further into it than just giving me Motrin, because clearly that’s not working. Extending my knees, particularly my left knee is almost impossible anytime I do anything overly strenuous (read: work, or excessive walking). My hands are also having a rough time. There are days where typing is ungodly painful. I would like to be able to work out, but realistically, I can barely make it through work, so the last thing I want to do is more exercise outside of the 8-9 hours that I pull a day.

Happy new year!

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