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Less bitching, more writing

I’ve had this thing drafted up for almost a month, and never got around to actually posting it. Every time I would stop gaming[1. Or doing other adult things, like working], I would sit down, look at a blank page, and say “what that hell do I talk about? I’m not interesting enough (anymore) to blog. But in actuality, it was more like “where do I find the drive to blog?” I come home from work, and there are a million excuses as to why I don’t want to sit down and write an entry. Well, considering that I pay for this space, I think it deserves more care–even if it’s not as much as I would like to.


Like I said, it’s not as much what as it is more like where. Some days I’m just tired and words don’t come. Other days, I just don’t feel like it. Both excuses are legit, but when does it start to become more of a habit? Writing is one of the ways that I can keep my sanity. I’ve faced a 3-year writer’s block where I couldn’t write anything. This was a little before I made blogging a big deal for me. the dorky half even asks me these days when was the last time I’ve blogged, and I can’t answer that question with “yesterday”.

And that kinda breaks my heart.

Yes, things are more hectic in the past few months. I endured working two jobs for nearly 3 months before my body said “enough”. Then, even after focusing on just one thing, I still couldn’t make time to sit down and even say “hey, I’m still alive!” This space deserves a little more than that.

So I’m here, after 1 month since my last post and I’m making a vow to write more and not make as many excuses. I want this to be a money maker for me again[2. That is, where I make money writing stuff I like to write, not because I’m told to throw a completely unrelated link in there]. Heaven knows I need something that won’t kill my back further.[3. That’s for another post] I can’t guarantee posting every day; unless you want to hear my bitching about incompetent people and why I should be a hermit. But I do want to go back to expressing myself the way I truly know how–through written sarcasm.

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