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The World of Nama…in List Form: Part 2

  1. Due to someone’s inability to schedule me more than 12 hours a week, I had to take on a second job. The past month and a half, I’ve been trying to juggle both, but it is now becoming even more physically and mentally taxing than what it’s worth. Furthermore, my first job has now cut my hours to even less than 12 hours (which is illegal per union rules, but fighting it is probably gonna be a loss cause anyways), thus making it hard for me to keep working there for less than $50 a week. Since I am nearly an hour away from this job, that doesn’t cover gas.
  2. Which brings me to my next point. I’m considering leaving this other job after only 8.5 months. It has been extra hard to actually gather up the energy to even go there anymore. The second job gives more hours and better hours so I can get home before 3pm every day. I’m going to try to get Rydia into preschool this year, so the hours to the new job works much better since I’ll have the rest of the day with her. Whereas if I stay at my first job, I would never see her since it would keep me there until 10:30 at night. Which also means getting shit for sleep since if I work the morning job the next day, I’d get 4 hours of sleep at most. So I’m left weighing the pros and cons of keeping both jobs…
  3. Which is not easy by any means. The pay for both of them are the same. But it’s better than nothing, and it pays the bills. However, I’m not sure if I can get everything covered on just the one income from the new job (thus far it’s been okay). If I could get another job to replace the first one that would pay more than the <50 bucks they want to throw at me a week since they're refusing to work around the other job's schedule/my sleep schedule[1. Which is FUBAR anyways, but not getting enough sleep does nasty things to your health].
  4. Which is why I wish I could do a few writing gigs at home. That was the one thing I miss about sitting down and blogging for a few extra dollars–it wasn’t much per se, but I was able to make money off my passion. Retail has never been my passion; it has always been a means to an end. Unfortunately, the end isn’t near yet. And that sucks.
  5. So what else is happening in the world of Nama? I’m officially 3 decades old. Think that’s it though.


  1. Brandy says:

    After my next surgery in October, I’m going to work on getting myself another job as well. No point now, because nobody will hire me when I mention I’ll be having surgery, you know? Hope everything works out!

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