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Everything happens for a reason.

everythinghappens I always tend to forget that while it seems like the universe hates me more often than not, there is a motive to the universe going wrong every once in a while.

So back in January, I had an interview for a job. That went on to become a second interview, but as my luck would have it, they didn’t hire me. It left me frustrated and quite annoyed. But I just kept plugging away.

I started a volunteer job in February. It was at a thrift shop with just the right traffic to not drive me nuts. I quickly fell in love with this place. I couldn’t pinpoint why at first, but I felt…comfortable. I was only slated to be there for 6 months, or until I got employed, whichever is sooner. The managers knew that I was looking for work, and also knew about my health issues that made me have good days and really bad days where I almost ended up in the hospital. They understood this as well, and always told me to pace myself and not to over do it. Despite my bad days, I still pushed it. Sometimes it would come bite me in the ass after.

I had a lot of interviews in between, but nothing came of them. I went into my volunteer job one day and broke down in tears out of frustration. The manager on duty there told me “well, there’s probably a reason for that, and it just means there’s something better”.

Skip to earlier this month. My dorky half went to this same place I go for job searching, and it was my day off from volunteering. He called me and told me to apply to this place since they’re doing interviews on the spot. Not expecting much out of it, I took out my interview clothes, tried to take a shower and hoped that Rydia didn’t get into too much trouble (she didn’t, thankfully), and made my way there. The interview went well; I was comfortable with the interviewer, and that doesn’t happen too often. I’m usually a nervous wreck, and that day, at that moment, I wasn’t. Maybe it was because I wasn’t expecting anything at this point, but still.

I got a call back the following week.

I got thrown a whole fucking plate of food. It took 6 years, but it happened…finally.

The job is in retail, which is something that I guess I can’t avoid unless I start working from home, but until I get enough online presence, it’ll do. I am pretty much going to be building a store. Granted, I still have my health worries, but I do need to pay my bills too.

Then the following week…the dorky half gets not one, but two job offers. He’s still waiting for when he starts orientation.

We’re still reeling. This comes at a time where our rent is getting raised, our lease will be up in a month, and we still have all those other bills to pay. It’s always good to have extra income coming in. I will still be doing paid blogging (I’m currently looking for a company that does that and are not flaky or shady), but having money to do even more stuff is making us happy.

For once, things are really looking up. I need to remind myself when I feel like the universe hates me and wants me dead or maimed, that that’s not necessarily the case. Things happen for a reason.


  1. cole says:

    I actually don’t believe everything happens for a reason other than, maybe, a life lesson. Everything happens. — Felicia Day in Dr Horrible

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