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An update on this thing called life.

So I’ve made myself scarce. I’m sorry. I’m still volunteering, and I still love it, despite the pain that I’m in most days. I spent my Mother’s Day relaxing, because 4 days of constant go-go-go wears me down.

So I’ve promised a new design here for a while, but certain other stuff has kept me distracted. On top of that, I’m working on a complete overhaul on Crestfallen, which in turn will add on another project. So while I’m working, looking for a paid job[1. Pretty sure this is a lost cause and I should start focusing on making money at home at this point], and trying to get some fun time in through gaming, I have a boatload of web projects to try and chip away at. I’m a bit overwhelmed and I wish I had more hours in a day.

But that’s pretty much it. I’m still alive, albeit barely.

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