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A rant (or eight) about retail.

a rant about retail

My volunteering position is in the area that I wasn’t entirely thrilled about going back into, retail. If you have ever worked in retail, then you would know that its employees and customers alike can be…quite fun to deal with. I almost seemed to have forgotten this, so this post is made.

I think a small disclaimer should be put here: this is just my opinion, and not everyone is like this. In fact, I have worked with some really hard-working people amongst the lazy, and some customers are really awesome…even though they may be few and far between.

About the employees

Lack of work ethic: I’m only there for 5 hours a day, but there are some who volunteer for less, and spends half their time lazing around the break room. I get it, you don’t get paid for doing this, but you are still here for a reason. The rest of us shouldn’t have to do double the work while you’re sitting down for half your shift.

Gossip: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little gossip now and then. It’s what females do sometimes. But all the time? Eh. I’m here to do my shit and get the fuck out. I got a life after this, and chances are, I’m not gonna remember anything you said about that other person anyways.

Women are catty: I actually learned this before going into the workforce being a former student of an all-women college, but women are catty as hell. I understand that some people just don’t play nicely with others, but don’t remind me why my closest friends happen to be both guys[1. My fiance and Ray, who has been my friend for 8 years]. I’m probably one of the few who will be civil to people even if I can’t stand their asses, but don’t need it to come out in gossip or otherwise, especially in a work situation.

Back-seat managers: These are regular employees who are bossier than the managers themselves. Man, sit your ass down.

About the customers

“The customer is always right”: When I used to work at my first retail job, I ran into a few customers who thought that just because they were the ones spending the money that they were entitled to anything. If a coupon is expired or impossible to scan, for example, you are not getting honored that coupon[2. Unless the barcode can be manually typed out on a mangled coupon, but expired ones…you outta luck]. Don’t bite my head off because your ass forgot to redeem the coupon in time. In the case of this place, where the merchandise is donated and sold “as-is”, which is mentioned at the checkout on a big ass sign. We have available plugs for electronics to see if they work before you buy. If you buy before testing it out and it doesn’t work, and you rage at us for “selling broken shit”, that’s on you. Granted, sometimes it’s assumed that they do work, because who the hell is gonna donate broken shit (and things that are obviously broken are thrown out anyways)?

Wolves are trying on clothing: We have fitting rooms, and sometimes people will put the clothes back on the return rack, and that’s fine. Then you have the wolves, who don’t give a damn because the people who work here will clean it up anyways. That’s not the point. The word here is PRODUCTIVITY. We have to clean it up anyways, yes. But unless the employee is one of those lazing around like I mentioned earlier, we’re also busy doing other things. It’s a lot easier (and time-efficient) to pick the clothes off the rack and put them back where they belong than to pick up 10 pieces of clothing off the floor and bench because you were too lazy to put it back on a hanger and hang it back up. Do you throw your clothes on the floor in your house? No? Don’t do it here.

There’s a rack RIGHT THERE!: What I will never understand is if someone doesn’t want a piece of clothing they just put it on top of the rack instead of hanging it back up. Once again, it’s more time-efficient to hang the clothes up than to just put it on top. Stop being lazy.

Parents with no control over their kids: This, as a mother, is probably my biggest annoyance. Even before I became a mom, unruly kids bugged me to no end. We have a toy section, and many times, I would see these kids without their parents just running around. The store is small, sure, but do you want to risk having your kid swiped away? Or what if your kid steals something unbeknownst to you until you try to leave the store? Best part is…these are kids that are at the age where they know not to run amok. Teenagers even. Control your kids.

Ultimately, I want to just completely swear off retail stores, both shopping and working in them. But until then, give me the bottle.

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