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Hi, yeah, I’m still alive.


I’m still alive. Most of my days are occupied with this volunteering I’m doing, so most days I come home too tired to even bother with dinner. Good thing for future hubbies who cook better than you.[1. This can be a bad thing] Anyway, it’s snowing for the 15 millionth time this winter, and because I’m not crazy enough to go into drifting snow that’s already at my ankles[2. Estimation, I didn’t go out there], I’m staying home and going to try and play catchup on stuff.

I need a new layout for here, and I’m gonna revamp this site. I won’t say much, but the idea has been in my brain for a while and I was gonna get a separate domain for it, but decided not to since this space is pretty much used for money making and nothing more, and I want to actually fix that.

In any event, I am still here. The next post may be after my birthday though. Don’t worry, you’ll only have to wait a few days; my birthday’s on Monday.

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