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“Integrity tests” are the devil.

131116850357Job hunting is hard as it is. But some people would rather see you jump over fire hoops before even saying “hey, wanna come for an interview?!”. If you have applied for a job in retail or fast food (even some other places do it too, but it’s much more common in retail and fast food applications), then you know what these are. They call them “assessments”, I call them “integrity tests” or more fitting “bullshit tests to find excuses not to hire you”.

So you’re at the end of a lengthy application. The application was about a half an hour long already. Then you go to submit and they say “hey, you have to do this assessment or your application will be thrown out!”. These tests can take something like 30 minutes to an hour, to even longer (I did one where it lasts for nearly 2 hours!). Of course, you go along with it, because the reason why you even applied is because you need a job, right? Okay. These are basically the same 5-10 questions, stretched into 60-100 questions, worded slightly differently. Then they have the nerve to say “there are no right or wrong answers”.

Bull fucking shit.

The thing is, there are right and wrong answers. They try to say that there isn’t to make you be as honest as you can be. Sometimes this “honesty” can hurt you. You can be honest, and the “test” basically puts you down as an anti-social thief who gets jealous of their co-workers. Or someone can lie and the “test” puts them down as hardworking, when they are the complete opposite when they’re actually given the job. So who loses out in the race?

The person who actually is the honest hard worker, but according to this “test”, is perceived as an anti-social, green-eyed monster.

Okay, then let’s say you do get an interview. The well-dressed person with all the right answers but is just too nervous to make it coherent gets thrown away, whereas the sloppy person who comes in and basically lies between their teeth about qualifications and the like gets in. Then they wonder why they have to let this person go after catching them steal money. Uh-huh.

How about they drop those damn tests? How about they go back to simple application, checking out qualifications, and interviewing? They clearly know what they want when they post a job. They have an idea of the perfect candidate. Why put everyone through the fucking ringer with these assessments, which is in no way an accurate representation of anyone?

If you ask me, it’s just a way to drive us all up a fucking wall.

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  1. Agent Q says:

    I’m afraid a cup of rage won’t satiate me. How about a bottle of that? xD

    I know that feeling all too well. I remember applying for some retail/fast food jobs during college, only to get nothing. I don’t know if it’s due to integrity tests or the fact that I may be “overqualified.” Well excuse me, right? Right now, I’m learning the hard way that the only effective way to land a good job is through networking, a skill that I lack…well darn. Better get started right? Reality’s cruel. šŸ™
    Agent Q recently posted..Molded Perception

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