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My week in a (big) nutshell: week 4 (and other things)


Monday: My Monday started off…normal. I ran some errands, did some job searching, stuff like that. It was the calm before the shitstorm, so to speak. Then I went to take a nap, and woke up with an unusually dry throat. I pointed this out to the dorky half, but we thought nothing of it. Drink more was pretty much my response to it. I should’ve known better when despite all the liquids that were going in (and as a result, coming out at a faster rate) and the dry throat didn’t clear up. But it gets better (or worse).

Tuesday: I was out all day on Tuesday. Not by choice. If I had my way, I would’ve had stayed my ass in bed. I woke up unable to speak beyond a whisper. To say that it sucked was beyond an understatement, because this means that I couldn’t even sing beyond a whisper. For someone with a passion for music and singing, you can see why this was upsetting for me. I got home at 4:00 and by that time, it got much worse. Chills, fever, aches (damn back pain)…you name it, I had it. The scariest thing was the inability to even sit up. I spent 2 hours in the bathroom nauseous, and couldn’t stand up lest I fall over, and couldn’t sit up even because I could still fall over. The only position I was remotely comfortable in was horizontal. And yet, it gets better.

On late Tuesday night, after Rydia and I went to bed, Rydia woke up crying. I had a headache, so this was making it worse, so I tried to see what was wrong with her. My daughter, who was perfectly fine for the most part for the whole day, was burning up and sounding like she had phlegm in her chest. I thought it had something to do with her clothing, but I changed her into something cooler and she still felt feverish. Just fucking lovely, I thought.

Wednesday: All plans were off, and we were off to urgent care. Rydia at this point was feeling a little better; she wasn’t as warm as she was the night before, but I wanted to be safe, so I took her with me. Luckily, she only has a cold and was prescribed something. I wasn’t as fortunate. I was fighting off the flu. As you know, the flu is a virus and nothing can fix viruses but letting it run its course for however long it may be. Since I can’t quarantine myself from my daughter, this meant that I had to be extra careful around her.

Thursday: Despite having the flu, I still have to do stuff. So typical day, going out, coming back home and eventually feeling like shit at night. Due to the vomiting from 2 days before, my ribs are still sore. But at this point, I’m miles better.

Friday: I didn’t have one day of rest since Monday, so I canceled another appointment on account of illness to just stay home and actually rest. It felt good. I was able to play some games for the first time since Monday night. Through all of this, though, being sick for the whole week, there was a silver lining.

I got a couple of calls.

So I guess the interview I had last week had no results, and once again, the universe was feeling sorry because Mother Nature got me ill[1. Actually, my mother-in-law who had walking pneumonia is the possible blame, but I forgive her; was unintentional anyways], so I got two calls for interviews next week. I’m hoping that I get better by then because the last thing I want to do is cough all over the interviewer. That’s horrible.

Moral of the Story: This is really a PSA. I would like to point out a little piece of irony. Normally, I do get the flu shot every year, especially since Rydia was born. This year, my insurance kicked in late, but it was on my to do list once it did kick in. With all the stress that’s been going on, it was put on the backburner. So now that I can get the shot, this happens. Isn’t that lovely?

Anyways, the point here is that even if you think that you’ll never get the flu, take an hour of your time and go get that shot. I’m lucky in that my case was mild. But flus can kill. Especially if you’re a parent, it’s important.

And other things

So…I’ve been sitting on Crestfallen for 2 years now without doing anything substantial to it. Now that I have an idea for a project that I didn’t want to even start until I had a domain name for it, I thought, you know…I can use this domain (or part of it).

The problem is…it’s expiring next month. It’s a .nu, which costs $60 for 2 years. At the time that I renewed, I thought that by the time it needed to be renewed again (this year), I’d be a bit more financially stable. I’m not, however, and now this domain, which I’ve had for 8 years this year, and has been partially responsible for funding this site’s domain and hosting costs is going away, which also means that I’ll be making half of what I normally would with the company I work with. Now I don’t make a lot, but it covered hosting costs and diapers.

While the name itself is no longer fitting to who I am now, it is still a piece of what made me who I am. Archiving the site on a subdomain here is an option, but like I said, I have ideas for the space, and there’s also the revenue thing. Until someone says “hey, I wanna hire you, no strings attached”, my blogs are a source of income that helps A LOT.

So I’m asking for some help from you readers. Any bit helps. The target is $60 to renew Crestfallen, and then I can start this project since it’s burning a hole in my creative mind and it needs to be unleashed. Next month is also my birthday, so think of it as a birthday present.

How was your week?

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