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Don’t you sass me!

I swear, ever since Rydia turned two, she’s gotten more vocal with what she wants. She’s always been vocal, but now it’s turning into actual words rather than just incessant whining.[1. She still does that, don’t get me wrong] I have to keel over when I hear stuff like this from her:

(Loud noise)
Rydia: What the hell is that?
Me: Hey, watch your mouth! Say “what is that?”
Rydia: No, no no, it’s “what the hell is that?”
Me: (bursts out laughing[2. Really hard not to when a little 2-year-old voice is arguing with you]) No, it’s “what is that?”
Rydia: “What the hell is that?”

This is where you pick your battles. I lost. Miserably. But she at least doesn’t say it as much as she did before![3. And at least it’s not the F bomb–that’d be 10 times worse]

This is a new thing with her.

Rydia: (grabby hands for something while whining)
Me: Say please.
Rydia: (whining)
Me: Say please.
Rydia: (whining) …FINE! (btw, she never said please)
Me: Well, excuuuuuse me, princess!

She wins again. Because my brain hurts when she whines like that for 20 minutes straight. But despite it all, she is very polite, and when she does say “please”, it’s the cutest thing ever. I thought they don’t say “fine” until teenage years. Or is she practicing?

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