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Personal Space (Can I have it?)

The title is a small play on Final Fantasy XI’s chat system. I miss that game, even if there were a bunch of egotistical douches playing.

Anyways, I’ve noticed that after having Rydia, more people tend to violate the sanctity of personal space. I’m not a fan of anyone touching me unless I know them.

Or trying to kiss me or my daughter.

I went to take the trash out a few weeks ago and one of my neighbors decided that now would be a good time to strike up a conversation, because I totally wasn’t cooking or anything[1. the dorky half was there to take over if need be, but it was only for a minute anyways]. Talking about stuff I don’t particularly care to know about (like the decomposing body they found in the apartment a couple of doors down from us, like I really need nightmares about dead bodies, fuck you lady). The whole time, she was touching me. Sometimes I’m just too nice and can’t tell folks to get the fuck off me, but I was tempted. Too bad I was taught to respect my elders.

Yesterday, the same lady saw us while we were going to the store. She saw the diva and was like “awww, she’s so cute”, like all old ladies tend to do with kids. Was helping her walk down the stairs (which is okay). Gave Rydia her hand to shake (once again, okay, even though Rydia didn’t do it). Then proceeded to lift her up and give her a kiss. This is NOT OKAY. And it also deemed her a bit nuts. Even Rydia looked at her like she was crazy[2. Not even kidding about this, she gave this “I am not amused” face].

I didn’t mind the first two stuff. But I draw the line at giving my kid a kiss if I barely know your ass. Once again, respect elders and what not, but it was very uncomfortable.



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  1. Whitters says:

    I’m exactly the same way. I even get pissed off at work when customers are all leaning up on my desk. Even though there’s something between me and them, they’re still REALLY invading my personal space. Just back off and chill why don’t ya?
    Whitters recently posted..Starting October with a Makeover!

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