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Pink for October

So if you liked this site on Facebook (if you haven’t, and you’re a regular commenter lurker, you should), then you probably saw that I finally decided to be productive and make a new layout[1. Sorta] and decided on the main scheme being pink. Now normally, I don’t do pink. It’s a very rare occurrence, even during Crestfallen times. But there is a reason why I did pink, and why I did pink in October.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I did it a few years ago on Crestfallen, but this year the cause means more than just turning my site pink for a month.

Sometimes things don’t impact you as much until they actually impact you.

In June, I did a 24-hour cancer walk with the dorky half’s aunt.[2. No, I didn’t walk for an entire 24 hours, Rydia got cranky after 8] She needed some help with vending some stuff and the money raised went to cancer research. That day was possibly the most empowering day I’ve ever had. What made this walk realize is that I take my own body for granted at times. I have crappy self-image, I’ll admit that. Being surrounded by men, women, and children who had to stay strong after cancer made me feel stronger as well. I’m not perfect; no one’s perfect, but it could be worse. At the end of the night, I cried. Not because I was tired[3. Although that did play a role] but because of a discovery.

the dorky half’s aunt is a 20-year cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with ovarian, breast, and skin cancer in those 20 years. Going into this, I did not know that about her. She’s awesome, and after hearing her story, it made her that much more awesome. I cried. I didn’t tell her, but I cried. To think that she wasn’t much older than me when she got diagnosed. It’s a scary thought, you know.

So far, things have come up green in those departments, but taking care of your body is especially important. I’m scared shitless of doctors, but the last thing I want is for something to be wrong and it be too late to fix.

Check your titties, ladies. If something feels off about em, get your ass to your doctor, even if you’re scared of em. All of them aren’t just in it for the money, some actually care about your well-being and will help you.

So happy October everyone, and may it be a healthful one.

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