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I am a web project masochist.

So I’ve decided that in the very near future, I want to start a new web project.

I have a couple under my belt at the moment. Most of which are low-maintenance, so I don’t have to update as often on those as opposed to here, where I am failing to blog at least a couple of times a week. It’s depressing, since I am here all day, I should be able to generate more entries in a week, but what the hell am I gonna talk about? I don’t exactly live a very interesting life (to most).

However, as you probably already know, I am a gamer. I have been one since I was itty bitty and playing Super Mario Bros. on my cousin’s NES. You know, the Super Mario Bros. that if you died 3 times, it was game over, regardless of what world you were in? That Super Mario Bros. that if you were even ONE CENTIMETER OFF screen on that mushroom block, you were assed out? Yeah. Anyways, my love for gaming was further fueled by someone with a never-dying passion of gaming–my fiance. So what kind of project would this be?

A site that is purely for gaming purposes. Game reviews, ramblings about games I currently play, rants about gaming in general. That kind of stuff. I may even bring the dorky half into it, because well…why not have an-almost husband-and-wife team collaborate?

The problem is…the project is a big one. And I’m going to design it and do most of the back job stuff solo. Do I want to really throw myself into the fire? Do I really? You know what they say…

Challenge Accepted.

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