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Disciplinary action.

Fair Warning: I understand that children discipline seems to be a hot topic among moms. I’m not out to offend or anger anyone.

So what do you do with a 21-month-old whose terrible two’s have started prematurely? What if the word “no” is no longer enough, and she also mocks you when you do say it?

How does one stay sane?

Let me tell you how I was raised and you’ll understand my stance on certain disciplinary actions towards children.[1. Or maybe not, but it should be said anyways]

I was raised by a West Indian family. There was no such thing as time-outs. If I looked at my mom the wrong way, I got a slap. If I took my voice even one decibel higher than normal, I got a slap. For the more serious offenses, I got the belt. Or a slipper. In an extreme case, a metal spoon. I don’t even remember what I did, but it wasn’t anything that justified using that weapon. I have a fond memory of being in the middle of potty training and my mom not only screamed at me for pooping my pants and beat me. I was 3.

Needless to say she wasn’t quite patient about potty training.

As the mother of a near-two-year-old who is a professional at testing the waters, I can understand what my mom went though. Raising kids are frustrating, regardless of age. Rydia is almost at the age where I can start potty training. It’s gonna be fun. But it’s gonna suck. More laundry to do, but less diapers? That’s a plus since she’s almost in size 6’s. But I can’t imagine being reduced to beating my girl for pooping herself. Accidents happen, right?

My daughter is also an adventurous one. If we tell her not to do something, she looks dead at us and does it anyways. She gets into dangerous stuff and she gets a stern “no” and a slap on the hand. Nothing more. She doesn’t like hearing the word no. She even mocks us at this point now. Frustrating? Hells yeah. But she either goes the other direction or flops on her bed.

But the dorky half tried a mini time-out. He sat Rydia on a chair and told her to not move. Now, what 2-year-old will stay still for any period of time unless they’re asleep?

She did. It was for 2 minutes, but she sat there and did not move. My mouth dropped.

But it worked. This isn’t to say that it will all the time, but it worked at that time. And no belt was harmed in the process.


  1. Mimi says:

    I used time outs and in extreme cases I would spank Mason. I never beat him by any means, just a quick smack to scare him a little bit. I was raised that way and I don’t think it’s wrong. Now when he misbehaves all we have to do is take away his electronics and it’s the end of the world. O_O ha!
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  2. Kalliste says:

    I’m not a parent so I can’t really comment. I know that growing up my parents would smack me for being naughty but it was only ever with a flat hand never with anything else. I can’t imagine being a cheeky 2 year old and mocking Mum and Dad though and I don’t know how I’d react if my kids did this too me.

    I’m glad the time out corner worked and hope it and other less physical methods work out in the future.
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