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The Terrible Twos are the ultimate test of your patience (and sanity).

Rydia will be 2 in a few months and I think her Terrible Twos have started prematurely. Of course, this could just be her being adventurous; checking out everything and anything that looks remotely interesting. At least to her. These items may include:

  • Hangers
  • Boxes, regardless of size
  • Video game cases
  • Gift bags
  • Mommy and Daddy’s phones
  • Other random shit that I have NO CLUE where she gets em from.

She is not deprived of actual toys, by the way. She plays with her toys in fact–a couple of them that soothes her to sleep[1. Always a good thing]. But sometimes, she finds the most mundane of things, like hangers for example, and is completely entertained by it.

However, sometimes her “alternative toys” drives me up a wall. She loves things that make sound. Empty cans are in this category, as are hangers to a certain degree. If she can bang them against something, she LOVES it. So she bangs cans on her crib. I tell her “no, don’t do that”, and she says “no” back[2. At times, she knows that she’s not supposed to do it, and even “disciplines” herself, by saying “no no”] then continues banging. It only stops when I take it away.

Then the tantrums start.

Great. Now when I tell my mom that she has my temper, she says “good luck”. Good luck indeed–if she’s like this now, I’m doomed when her Terrible Twos do come into swing.

But when she has the tantrums, they consist of crying, throwing stuff[3. Many toys have been thrown at the dorky half’s head], and screaming. SCREAMING. Did I mention that Rydia has awesome lungs and can hit notes that can rival Mariah Carey? Yep. And if I tell her not to throw things, it makes it worse. She eventually calms down, usually when I hold her or if she has a drink, but tantrums? Do not want.

If I make it through her Terrible Twos without going completely insane[4. I already have gray hair, so that stipulation no longer works], I can breathe a sigh of relief and know that she should at least be calm until her teenage years. I mean…3-12 shouldn’t be too bad, right…



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