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Mt. Mommy

Rydia has gotten to the point of adventuring. She climbs on everything and ANYTHING.

Including piles of laundry, beds, her crib[1. She actually can go halfway in, but she’s a little chicken still], and Mommy and Daddy.

The problem with her climbing on Mommy, however, is that when you have a 31-pound[2. And 3-foot-tall. Yep, she’s a giant for her age] kid climbing on your back which is already bruised from over 2 years of child carrying[3. Actually, my back hasn’t been the best, carrying such a big baby for this long has made it worse. Only hope that if we do decide on siblings, they are NOT her size] makes it extremely painful for Mommy.

When I say painful, I do mean PAINFUL. However, she will climb Mt. Mommy because…that’s what she’ll do, and there’s not much I can do about it. Other than stock up on painkillers[4. Which has mysteriously disappeared–a HUGE ASS BOTTLE of 600 MG Motrin…gone.] and Pepsi, of course.

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