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Site: 1, Nat: 0.

Out of complete sheer boredom[1. And the fact that I needed a new layout], I decided to make a new design for this site as I haven’t had one in…I lost count. I went through my normal ritual of going to ColourLovers, picking out a color scheme, opening up Photoshop, then scrapping the idea.

Except…this time, I loved the color enough to stick with it.

Then hyperfocus kicked in. Mind you, it was at 12am at night, so what that means is that I would have to be falling over to stop[2. Which I did, at nearly 5am, which would’ve been 4am, but fuck you daylight savings time. Fuck you.]. Anyways. I experimented with this newfangled thing called Child Themes. It’s actually a lot easier than I expected. This theme is a child theme of the theme I had up last. Then I heavily chopped it up and threw it in a pan[3. Not really, I’m banned from cooking, remember?] and this is what I got. I was prodded to go to bed when I was almost finished, so I did just that, then the first thing I did was open up[4. Besides my simblr, that is] was Crimson Editor.

Front was looking good, but then I remembered the monster that was Twitter Tools and Social.

So a few months ago, Twitter Tools updated, and it required another plugin, Social. Miffed, I decided to test it out anyways. Twitter Tools looked the same (for the most part), but what I wasn’t prepared for was how adding Social completely fucked with my comments. Since I was way out of practice[5. And couldn’t be assed to fix it], I left it be. I couldn’t do so with this design, due to its already bright nature. That, and it did truly piss me the fuck off. So I went to Whitters’ site since she had a rant about Twitter Tools/Social giving her massive issues since that update. She suggested two plugins (ew, two plugins to do what Twitter Tools alone did). So I installed one, the other one turned out to need massive amounts of editing just to pull up my latest tweet, so I went looking around for another. This new plugin pulls everything off my Twitter, but I made it so the miscellaneous shit didn’t show, and that is what you see there.

So bye-bye Twitter Tools. You served me well for a few years. And fuck you Social. Fuck you hard.

So while I have a nice layout up[6. At least to me, and it’s far from perfect; can’t get the margins right in some areas], the whole ordeal has sapped me of all of my energy. So I will probably stay away from it for a while.

Oh, and per inspiration by Angie, I made a Simblr. Turns out that I like multiple Sims in my legacy, but I’d like to keep that space for the heir and spare stories. Oh…and thanks to Geek Inside Us, I won a copy of University Life, and I spent a good chunk of my week playing around with it[7. Provided that the dorky half let me on between his uses.].

So that’s it.

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