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Happy Cupid-Shits-Pink Day!

While I’ve been engaged for the past (nearly) 3 years, I don’t do anything big for Cupid-Shits-Pink Day[1. Also known as Valentine’s Day]. I’m content with a box of chocolates as cliche as that sounds, and maybe a backrub or two. But doing the whole “going out” thing? Eh, not so much. Big crowds scare me anyways.

I was inspired by Angie to make this post. Except my reasons will be in letter form, and someone will read it because he likes to snoop around on my site sometimes. It’s okay though–I don’t mind him being open to my little blogging world, since I am very present in his gaming world[2. Yes, I’m a gamer, but that’s a passion of his.].

So the dorky half, since I know you are going to read this eventually…

You are a pain in my ass. Sometimes I want to throw very large projectiles at you. Your mouth is as big as your…nvm, won’t go there. And I go through more Motrin because of you than I go through with Rydia’s screaming.

But…I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. As much as you drive me up a wall, I know that I’d be in a mentally worse state without you. As creepy as this may sound, you saved my life. I want to thank you for that. I also want to thank you for putting up with my temper, because my mom went all but insane trying to do so. Thank you for getting me ice cream when I craved it. Thank you for giving me cuddles when I needed them the most. When I feel a panic attack coming on, I ask for a hug and it calms me down.

Thank you for helping me raise our daughter. She can be a handful at times, and I know you see that sometimes, I can’t handle it and want to scream myself. My sisters had my mom to help raise my nieces and nephews, and while I’d love to have my mom close to me to help out too, at least you’re here to help me when Rydia throws her pacifier half across the bedroom[3. She’s got an arm, what can I say?] and we have to look for it lest she flips a shit.

I love you so much, and never you forget that. No matter how much I may scream at you, I mean no harm; just stuff me with chocolate. You are possibly the biggest dork I will ever know, but it just adds to your charm. But yeah, since I’m starting to tear up, I thought I’d stop here. If you wanna get me some shrimp and fuck the shit outta me after this letter, I’m cool with either of that.

Happy Cupid-Shits-Pink Day!

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