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The battle of the work-at-work mom and work-at-home mom

Now that Rydia is 6 months old, I can probably feel safe starting to look for jobs. However, to be perfectly honest with ya, I wouldn’t mind staying with my little girl while working at home. The first year especially is the most important[1. At least to me] and I would love to not miss any of her milestones. I almost missed her sitting up for the first time since it was at 3:30 am. What if I actually left the house? I would miss her first steps. And that would break my heart.

So before I start looking for family dollar jobs or something else, I’m looking for jobs where I can work in the comfort of my pajamas while holding my daughter close, or watching her get into mischief[2. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth now. EVERYTHING.]. I just don’t want to miss her early development. I want to be part of it, but I also don’t want to be broke in the process.

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