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A semi-quiet V-day

Semi, because around this time last year, we didn’t have a 6-month-old diva to worry about.

We don’t do the whole “going all out” thing for V-day. Hell, just a couple of years ago, I was completely against the whole thing, and I made it known.[1. I wore all black, for example] Now, while I still think that it’s an overrated, commercial holiday (yay Hallmark!), I don’t wear all black anymore. Besides, loved ones doesn’t not necessarily mean ones you fuck every night. I have two Valentines this year–the man who I do the bump with every night[2. Okay, whenever my libido wants to stop acting like a bitch, thanks birth control], and the little girl who keeps me up every night[3. Okay, she’s gotten much better at that].

Who was your Valentine this year?

And a tasty treat (I’m gonna have some of this with some cookie dough ice cream. Excessive? Maybe, but I dun care!)

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