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I survived!

Time flies so fast when you have a newborn.

Speaking of, Rydia’s 4 weeks old now. I survived her first month of her life. Yes, I’m sleep deprived and yes, I’ve probably had thoughts of beating the crap out of the dorky half[1. He got spared the cliched “It’s your fault!” speech when I was having her–was too drugged to give a damn at that point]. But so far up to this point, it’s been an interesting ride. So far, my darling daughter has:

  1. Pooped on me
  2. Peed on me…twice
  3. Spit up on me…a lot
  4. Fell asleep on my shoulder before burping
  5. Slept through the night a few times[2. Her days and nights are still reversed]
  6. Taken general favor of her father over me[3. The poster child for daddy’s girls? Yep, that’s her]

Here’s to surviving another month.

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