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And now we wait…some more.

This is a very frustrating time. I want to hold my baby girl already! But nooooooo! Rydia’s still stubborn, just like her daddy. the dorky half’s getting a bit antsy himself; he won’t admit it (often), but he’s excited. I think he’s more waiting for her to pop out at like 10 pounds so that he can say “I told you so”, but he wants to hold Rydia as much as I do, no matter how pleasantly plump she may be.

Sunday would be my due date. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would have lasted this long at all. I’ve been stressed throughout the early part of this pregnancy, and I was in denial for a while before I admitted that something was awry with my body. I mean, a 26-year-old woman who never missed more than 1 period missing 3 straight?[1. Granted, the cause of the first missed period is still unknown] Nausea, especially since I’m normally never sick? Or even after it was confirmed, 4 colds in 8 months when I don’t even have one in a single year? It was stressful, and I thought that if Rydia made it through, she would’ve been out by now.

But nope. She’s fully baked and apparently comfy despite the small room she has to move around. And I thank the higher beings for that shit. I guess it also helps that even though he pisses me off sometimes (what significant other doesn’t piss the other off at some point), the dorky half has been there every step of the way. Which made me feel a little better, despite me being still scared to shit.

Nesting syndrome is kicking in again, so I’m going to do more cleaning (and wake the dorky half up in the process since it’s already 12pm). Here’s to another few days of waiting.

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  1. Hev says:

    Don’t worry. She will come out when she is ready. No one can tell the exact date you made her on, so there is never an exact due date. Unless you are really really good or only have sex very few times that you can number. Most parents or couples don’t do that. Rhea’s little boy came two weeks late according to the doctor, but Rhea & I think that the Doctor was off on when Rhea & Patrick made him, lol. Personally, as long as she is healthy, you are healthy, & there is no medical reason to induce I would just wait. “Nature” knows what it is doing & your body was built to have children so she will come when the time is right. I hope I am making sense, lol.

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