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Dork I am.

So the dorky half and I went to Target today to look at some baby stuff. We have an ungodly amount of baby clothes, thanks to my mom, aunts, cousins and sisters[1. And they are not done yet, and the dorky half’s mom still haven’t sent out her batch either]. So we decided on holding off on buying any more because we barely have room for what we have already! Anyways, we did find a cute gem that we ended up grabbing (along with bottles and a new pair of pajama pants so that I’m comfortable).

This sums up Rydia perfectly.


  1. Sarah says:

    Aren’t families great for that?! Lol You can definitely count on them to load you up with baby goodies when you tell them the news. It makes it so nice, especially if it’s your first time.

    I love that bib! it is so adorable! That makes me love Target ten times more for having that there lol. How clever!
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  2. Melly says:

    OMG! I so want that bib for my daughter LOL! However I been accused of loving her more then my son because I talk more about her. Which I don’t think I do, I think she’s just my BABY, as in almost 7 months old so yeah. Anyways, totally cute and I want it. Did you get that at target?

    BTW Do you want to swap links? I can swap links for both my blogs, the one linked and Let me know 🙂
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