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Yep, cold #3[1. Or four, can’t remember anymore] has started. I’m pretty sure that it’s because my immune system is slightly compromised due to pregnancy, but I think I’ve had more colds in 8 months than I’ve had in 26 years. Maybe I’m still not used to the Southern Cali weather either? Dunno. I, however, sound like a frog getting strangled.

I still need to grab my mojo back. I do have a review I need to post up; hopefully get that done before the end of the week. Rydia now plays punching bag on not only my bladder, but also my ribs too. I’m generally in so much pain right now that my worst fear has gone from falling flat on my face to not making it to at least 36 weeks[2. I’m 3 weeks away, but it’s a scary thought nonetheless]. It’s worse at night. Sleep? What’s that? And due to lack of sleep, I’m, at best, cranky most days.[3. the dorky half also is feeling a bit sexually frustrated, but well, I can’t do anything about it when it’s painful to stand] So please excuse me for the short entry. It’ll get better. Hopefully. If I don’t cough up a lung in the process.

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