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I feel violated.

Sneaky creatures live in my house
They slip from room to room
I hear them all around
And when I focus and try to think a bit
Ambitious or curious, they seize the moment
A sense of doom will creep into the room and then
Oh no! It’s too quiet!
Whatcha doin’, love? It’s too quiet!
I feel them watching me
They hope that I’ll forget
Lull me with placidness
Kill me with quiet
-“Sneaky Creatures” – Halou

Cats are such sneaky creatures. You never know when they’re in a room until they just pop out of nowhere. On your bed, on your computer chair, on you

I was taking a shower last night and I heard the door open. We have the dorky half’s 2-year-old nephew here and he likes to open doors. He’s already bypassed the child lock; he knows ways to open without them being unlocked. Anyways, he got caught and the door was promptly closed again. About 10 minutes later, when my shower was done, I open the shower curtain and when (some of) the fog cleared, I saw two furry shadows; a small orange one and a big ass black one.

here…kitty, kitty, kitty…

It appears that they have been in there for most of my shower, and they stared at me in all my nude glory. I think I was more petrified than they were honestly; I never even had the dorky half look at me while showering[1. He’s not even allowed to come in while I’m showering; I’m just weird like that], and here comes the cats taking that away from him.

If nothing more, I did learn something from this experience. Be on the lookout for peeping Tomcats.

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